How to get the most out of the Grip Pulse: Multi-Event Insight Report

This article gives an overview of the multi-event insights report and the different panels included in it. It also talks you through how to get the most out of it.

Panels included in the report are:

  1. Setup - Compare if events launch on time across the organization
  2. Activation - See the activation per data type for every event you do on Grip
  3. Networking - Compare interest and skip actions and connections.
  4. Meetings - Review the meetings that are being scheduled per event
  5. Sessions - Session joins, attendance split by event and participant type
  6. Search - Compare search behaviour per event for trend analysis
  7. Matchmaking -  Only in combination with the ROI dashboards will you be able to compare the visitor/exhibitor compatibility, the relevance of your audience, and the over/underserved exhibitor segments Year on Year and Event on Event.

Prerequisites for getting the most out of the Multi-Event Insights Report

  1. Assign the right event type, format, and industry to your event.
    1. Make sure all your test events are to type "Demo Environment" as those will be excluded from the report.
  2. Standardise your data types and custom fields as much as possible across your events
  3. Use supply/demand fields to use the Matchmaking panel

Using filters to only look at relevant events

To work with the available filters, open up the top bar by clicking on it.


Either 'select all' or deselect specific events that you don't want to include in your analysis. 

Depending on the page, different filters might be available this depends on the underlying data structure. If you have a request for further filters or insights, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions:

The 'matchmaking' tab isn't loading for me. Why is that? 

There are two common reasons why the matchmaking tab isn't loading in the multi-event insights report:

  1. It's a premium report. You have to purchase the "ROI Report Package" to gain access to the matchmaking report panel in the multi-event insights report.
  2. You don't have any Supply/Demand fields. For the matchmaking engine, and our reporting to work well it is critical that you use the supply/demand fields correctly. 

What is defined as a "Networking Action" in the report?

Networking actions can be grouped into 'positive' networking actions and 'negative' networking actions.

  • Positive Networking Actions are:
    • Interested actions from lists, recommendations, search on profiles
    • Meeting requests
    • Badge scans
  • Negative Networking Actions are:
    • Skip actions