Multi-user Meetings

Multi-user meetings

Should the Event support multi-user meetings you are able to create meetings with multiple participants. There are two ways of creating such meetings: 

  • Send a new meeting request to multiple users 
  • Invite additional participants to already created meeting

Requesting a new multi-user meeting

1. Open the profile page of a user you wish to have a meeting with.

2. On the "Request a meeting" option, the user will see the 'Add more' button displayed under the 'Invitees' field.



3. Click on "Add more" button and search for users. Users will only be able to search for other users that are part of the same event and the right permissions have been setup (Max of 10 users can invited per single invite and only invite users who are available for the chosen timeslot)


4. Click "Send" button. Once this has been done, all users can be seen on the participants list (Each user will need to accept the invite).

Inviting additional participants 

1. Open the profile page of the person you have a meeting with and display meeting details.

2. On the list of participants you will find a "Add invitee" button


3. Click on "Add invitee" button and search for people you want to meet. You will only find people you have permissions to meet with.


4. You can select up to 10 people on a single invite and only select people who are available for relevant timeslot.

5. Click "invite". Once this has been done, you will also see additional participants on the list; and each of them needs to accept the invite separately.


Important notes

  • You can invite up to 49 additional participants to the meeting. 
  • The virtual meeting room will become available 5 minutes before the meeting starts when at least one of the participants accepts the meeting.
  • Each meeting participant can use invite functionality.
  • Meeting organizer can't decline his attendance, he can only cancel the entire meeting. 
  • Meeting participants can only decline their attendance to the meeting.
  • Currently, you can't:
    • Remove participants from multi-user meetings
    • Reschedule multi-user meeting
  • The abovementioned options will become available soon

The different meeting statuses:

SCHEDULED: Has been confirmed by at least two parties (organiser and a recipient).

PENDING: Someone has requested a meeting with you and you need to approve it, decline it or reschedule it.

AWAITING RESPONSE: You have requested a meeting with someone and they need to approve it, decline it or reschedule it.

DECLINED: The meeting has been declined by you and/or the other person.

You do not need to have a Connection with someone to request a meeting with them. If the request is accepted then a Connection is formed.

To learn how to reschedule a meeting click here.

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Frequently Asked Question about Meetings

Is there a maximum in how many people can be seen 'on camera' in a multi-user meeting?
Yes, you'll see a maximum of 12 people on video. The other people will be seen on Audio only.

Are you required to be connected to someone in order to add them to a multi-user meeting?
No, you can add any one on the platform to a multi-user meeting as long as your Permissions allow it on the platform.

Can meetings be scheduled ahead of time?
Yes, all meetings are scheduled ahead of them taking place on Grip. There is no limit to how far in advance a meeting can be scheduled. It typically depends mainly on when the Event Organiser has launched the event.

Is there a limit to the number of meetings an Event Participant can schedule?
The Event Organiser is able to set a limit on how meetings an Event Participant can request. This limit might be different depending on your User Type within the event.