MustMeet - How to configure preferences on company profiles

Most MustMeet events are set up to allow participants to show interest in other participants. Should you wish to configure it, Grip also allows participants to show interest in companies, which can simplify the preferences phase.
It works in the following way:

  1. ‘Meet’, ‘Must meet’ and ‘No thanks’ action buttons are displayed on company profiles, which attendees can use to make their preferences
  2. The company’s representatives can make their preferences on attendees
  3. Meeting scores are based on all of the preferences made - which could be participant > company and participant <> participant.
  4. Participants that are related to a company that received preferences will all share those preferences equally.
  5. Should there be a high enough score generated to warrant a meeting, a meeting is scheduled between one of the related company representatives and the person that made preferences.

In order to set up this feature, you'll need to be somewhat comfortable with MustMeet event setup.
If you're not quite yet, we recommend viewing our articles on How to configure MustMeet, how to set up Custom Groups and MustMeet - Generating and using Meeting Scores.

How to configure preferences on company profiles

  1. Create and your buyer/ supplier groups as normal.
  2. Add the relevant participant profiles to the buyer/supplier groups.
  3. Create an additional group for all companies. Importantly, keep the metadata field for the company group totally empty.


  4. Update your Group permissions to allow the people making preferences against companies to be 'recommended' that group. Here's an example using the most common scenario, where Buyers can make preferences on Supplier companies. In this example, Buyers will only be able to make preferences on Companies, although they are able to see all profiles.

  5. Set up your preferences limits - see here for help.
    You’ll then need to make sure that the group containing people that need to make preferences against companies are permitted to do so.
    Again, here's an example using where Buyers can only make preferences on Supplier companies:

    For the Supplier Companies group, leave their preference settings as per the default. You do not need to set or modify any limits as Companies do not log into the platform - but you should leave all of the 'Actions' toggles enabled.
  6. When in the live phase, company profiles will appear with MustMeet action buttons, which attendees should use as normal.
  7. Once the preferences phase is over, you can generate the meeting scores in the same way you would normally. Our article here walks you through this.
    Note that you do not need to include the ‘Companies’ custom group when generating the scores. If companies are included exist in your event, and they are added to your dedicated Companies Group, they will be automatically added to the scoring matrix.