MustMeet- How to configure preferences on company profiles

Most MustMeet events are set up to allow participants to show interest in one another. Should you wish to configure it, Grip also allows participants to show interest in companies, which works in the following way:

  1. ‘Meet’, ‘Must meet’ and ‘No thanks’ action buttons are displayed on a company’s profile, which attendees can use to make their preferences
  2. The company’s representatives can can action their preferences towards attendees
  3. Meeting scores are based on the preferences made between the attendee and the company and any preferences made by the company's representatives towards the attendee.
  4. Should there be a high enough score generated to warrant a meeting, a meeting is scheduled between one of the company representatives and the attendee.

Before proceeding with this article, we highly recommend viewing our articles on How to configure the MustMeet setting, and How to generate meeting scores in Grip, and push the scores to H2H.

In this article, we will cover:

How to configure preferences on company profiles

  1. Create your buyer/ supplier groups. Our article linked here walks you through these steps.

  2. Add the relevant participant profiles to the buyer/ supplier groups

  3. Create a third group for all companies. Importantly, keep the metadata field for the company group empty.


  4. Configure the groups, as shown in the article here. Depending on your event setup, you’ll need to make sure the group with the relevant users can make preferences and see profiles of the companies group. For example, allowing the buyers group to see 'interact' with the companies group.

  5. When in the live phase, company profiles will appear with MustMeet action buttons. 
  6. Generate the scores in H2H. Our article linked here walks you through this. However, do not include the ‘Companies’ custom group when generating the scoring matrix. If companies exist in your event, they will be automatically added to the scoring matrix.