How to Create Navigation Items

Navigation Items are menu items that act as a quick links to allow event participants the ability to easily navigate the Networking Platform. Navigation Items allow you to create a customized menu side-bar that appears on the Web and Mobile App platforms. Navigation Items can be a Native List, an Email, or a Web URL.


Navigation Page - Grip Dashboard

To start, you can find the Navigation page under the Event Details menu on the Grip Dashboard.


Once you land on the Navigation page, you will notice that there are some pre-populated Navigation Items. These are the Grip standard Navigation Items that appear if the Navigation Items haven't been set up yet. These pre-populated items can be removed, edited, or reordered.





The Navigation page is broken up into two pieces by Primary and Secondary Navigation Items.

  • Primary Navigation Items are going to be displayed when the Navigation menu side-bar is expanded and when the side-bar is collapsed.
  • Secondary Navigation Items only display when the Navigation menu side-bar is expanded.


Creating and Editing Navigation Items

To create Navigation Items for your event, please follow steps below:

  1. In the Grip Dashboard, under the Event Details section, select Navigation


  2. Once you land on the Navigation page, click "Create Navigation Item"

    NAV3*If you would like to edit an existing Navigation Item click the pencil next to the desired Navigation Item

    • Navigation Item Name
    • Placement (Primary or Secondary)
    • Item Type which include:
      • Event Agenda: creates a comprehensive or pre-filtered view of your event’s agenda. This will only display if your event has sessions in the platform.
      • Floorplan: requires an ExpoFP premium interactive floorplan. For all other 3rd party floorplans, see the URL Navigation item below.
      • Main Stage: highlights the content streaming on the virtual Main Stage.
      • Meeting: creates a filtered view of a participant’s meeting activity. Two options: Scheduled meetings or Pending meetings.
      • My Schedule: consolidates all Pending and Scheduled Meetings, in addition to Sessions the participant has added to their schedule.
      • Native List: creates a list a profiles (Participant, Company, and/or Item) that participants scroll and filter through. These can be customized to suit the event’s publicity needs. Utilize Custom Groups to further filter the profiles included on the list.
      • Network: showcases profiles that are recommended for the participant to connect with, the participant has made a preference on or has received interest from.
      • Speed Networking: highlights any Speed Networking sessions on the agenda
      • URL: Integrates external links directly into the Event Platform by embedding content or linking out to external pages. Additionally, utilize Custom Profile Fields to automatically create personalized URLs for each participant. Alternatively, use the Email address sub-type to allow participants to quickly send emails with pre-populated email address and subject lines.
      • Video Library: centralizes Video Library content organized by Video Groups. 
      • After you choose to create or edit a Navigation Item, a builder module will be displayed where you can choose the elements of your Navigation Item

        You must select:NAV4

  3. After you have filled out all of the information about your Navigation Item, click "Create Navigation Item" to save your changes. 
    • You will now see your custom Navigation Item under the Primary or Secondary Navigation Items table

Please note that the translation of navigation item names is currently unavailable on our mobile apps. 

Reordering Navigation Items

Once the Navigation Items have been created, you are able to customize the order in which they appear in the platform. To do this, simply click and drag the Navigation Item to your desired spot.



Navigation Items - MustMeet

When the platform is set up as a MustMeet event, the functionality of the Navigation Page slightly changes. 

  • When MustMeet is enabled, the Navigation Items set up as Network > Interested and Network > Skipped (Field: Item Type being Network. Field: Profile Filter being Interested/Skipped) will be where the Meet (Interested) and No Thanks (Skipped) limits are displayed.

  • The "My Must Meet List" and "My Meet List" will automatically be populated based off of the Navigation Item set up as Network > Interested. The "My No Thanks List" will automatically be populated based off of the Navigation Item set up as Network > Skipped

                   NAV6              NAV7*An information toaster will display for MustMeet events when creating/editing Navigation Items as shown above

  • The naming convention of the Interested and Skipped Navigation Items cannot be changed for MustMeet and will be displayed as the names below:




Platform Examples


Navigation Menu Expanded


Navigation Menu Collapsed