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Overview of the My Team portal

In this article we will cover everything about the My Team portal. The My Team portal is useful to manage all meetings, leads, chats, company information, products, account details, contacts, and data exports on the platform. This is your portal where all team activity and information is stored.


In this article we will cover:


Creating a team

  1. Receive Welcome Email: Look for the welcome email containing login credentials for the event platform. If you haven't received it, contact your event organizer or email us at support@grip.events.

  2. Log In and Set Password: Enter your email and  Registration ID. Follow the prompts to create a password for future logins.

  3. Onboarding Process: For a detailed onboarding guide, refer to our article: "How to Onboard on the Platform: Step-by-Step Guide."

  4. Team Creation: After completing onboarding, initiate team creation. The first team member to initiate this process will automatically become the Team Admin. The Team Admin has additional functionalities, including the ability to update a Team Member's role to Team Admin.

    • Visibility: The team name is only visible to team members and event organizers, not other participants.Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 15.44.04
  5. Access to 'Teams' Functionality: As a company representative, you should have access to the 'Teams' feature, allowing edits to company details.

    • Note: In rare instances, event organizers may restrict this feature. Refer to platform details for specific information.


Overview of the My Team portal

  1. Access Point: Find the 'My Team' portal at the top right corner of the event platform.Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 14.44.59

  2. Navigation Sections: Within your team's portal, explore multiple sections on the navigation bar at the top of the page, including:

    • Meetings
    • Inbound Leads
    • Company Chat
    • Contacts
    • Team Members
    • Company Profile
    • Product (event-dependent)
    • Account (event-dependent)
    • Export


  1. The "Meetings" section is the primary landing page when accessing 'My Team'.
  2. Here, you can efficiently manage your meetings with various filter options such as scheduled, pending, awaiting response, and declined meetings.
  3. Additionally, you have the flexibility to filter meetings based on specific team members.
  4. Customize the display by choosing calendars to view.
  5. Seamlessly create new meetings directly from this section.

gif 1


Inbound Leads

Page Overview:

    • The "Inbound Leads" page showcases profiles of event participants who have demonstrated interest, connected, or interacted with you, your team members, or your company profile.
    • The primary objective is to highlight profiles with a high likelihood of conversion to contacts, including those with connections or scheduled meetings with your team.GIF 2
    • For detailed insights, refer to our dedicated article on the Inbound Leads page.

Lead Activity Tags:

    • Lead Activity tags are displayed on contact profiles within Inbound Leads, providing a quick overview of interactions.
    • These tags are also visible on any profile within the platform, even outside the My Team portal.Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 09.25.20
    • When clicking on a profile, you can view Lead Activity, showcasing your team's actions on that specific profile.

    Lead Scoring:

    • Assign a score to a lead by selecting 'View Lead Notes'.
    • Use the star ratings to submit a lead score, a feature accessible to any team member.
    • Lead scores can be modified by team members, and each addition or update automatically generates a note for tracking purposes.
      Lead score



Company Chat 

Event attendees can send messages directly to your company through its profile page. Any team member can reply to these messages as the company. 

Click on "Company Chat" to initiate and respond to messages. A chat box will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 17.13.59

Pro Tip: Remember to refresh the Company Chat page regularly! Currently, companies do not receive email notifications for company chat messages. We are actively working on improving notifications for you and your team members.

More on Company Chat can be found here.


The Contacts page allows team members to view all contacts obtained by all team members. This shows participants relating to users who have connections and/or scheduled meetings with the team. You can click the settings cog to view lead notes, or delete a contact. This page is in an interactive table view meaning you can add and remove columns, filter, and show how data is displayed.



Team Members

All team members will be displayed on this page. As previously stated, the first person to create the team will be the admin.


As opposed to a Team Member the Admin(s) has/have the right to:
1. Edit the role of team members, they can decide to make other people Admin(s) or Team Member 
2. Edit other team member profiles 
3. Invite additional team member(s)


As listed above a Team Member does not have the right to edit profiles/invite other team members. However, they have access to all the features of the Teams platform: booking meetings on behalf of other team members, view entire team calendar and more. Important note: you must be an admin to change the role of other team members.


2. Depending on the event you may be able to invite team members. To invite a team member click 'Invite Members' at the top right of the page.

3. Fill out the team member details as shown in the image below. This form will also indicate your maximum team size. This will vary depending on the Event Organizer setup




4. If you click on the settings cog on the right of your profile you have the ability to edit your profile and manage your availability.



5. If you are an admin and you click the settings cog on the profile of a team member you will have a few more options. These are; Edit Profile, Manage Availability, Change role to Admin, and Remove member from team.


Company Profile

From the company profile page you can edit your company information (varies depending on event), and a profile image (varies depending on event) The profile banner image should be 1476x634px. Please see an example of what this page may look like below.


To edit the company banner, simply select the "Click to upload a cover photo" or select the "pen" icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen. This banner will only be visible for the team members.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 15.32.03

To change the company profile image, simply select the icon shown in the screenshot below. Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 15.32.18

Once you click on the icon, a new section will appear where you can "Choose File". Please use the recommended image size.Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 15.32.30


1. The product page is where you can add and view products associated with your company, these are usually products you are exhibiting at your event.



2. You can add a product by clicking the 'Add Product' button at the top right of the page (event dependant). You will then land on the screen pictured below. Add photos, enter the name of the products, headline, location, and summary, then click 'Add'.




1. The account page will show which plan your team is on (set by the event organiser). If additional plans are set up which may include additional features for your team, you will se an 'Upgrade Now' button under your current plan. If you are on the highest plan, you will not get the option to upgrade.


2. If you wish to upgrade and click 'Upgrade Now' you will be taken to a page similar to the below. This will state what add ons you will receive by upgrading to a specific plan (event specific). To select the plan you want, simply click 'Upgrade' under the plan name.





  1. On the export page, you'll find two options: Export Meetings and Export Contacts.9-Nov-20-2023-11-35-41-6923-AM

  2. Export Meetings: This option creates a file containing all accepted meetings your team has at the event, complete with associated details and participant information. You can select either CSV or Excel format.

  3. Export Contacts: This option generates a file with your contacts' details from the event, including Lead Notes for specific contacts. You can choose between CSV and Excel formats. Contacts encompass all meetings and connections on the event platform. Please be aware that, due to GDPR, email and/or phone numbers will be shared only for users who have chosen to share their contact details.



Can I download Inbound Leads and Teams Results to a CSV file?

You cannot download Inbound Leads and Teams Results from the My Team portal. Only event organisers have access to do this. Please contact them for information.


Can I invite as many team members as I want?

No, the number of team members you can invite will be displayed when you click invite members.


Why are certain features shown not available for my team?

The event organiser can set what is available to certain teams within the event platform. If you have any questions or want to request certain access or upgrade to a new plan, please speak to the event organiser.


I am not associated with a team and would like to set one up, what do I do?

If you are not associated with a team and would like to set one up, please speak to the event organiser.


I want to add more products but I can't, why is this?

The amount of products you can add to your team can be limited by the event organiser. If you click 'Account' within your team portal, you will see the plan you are currently on. Event organisers may have different plans setup which you can upgrade to. If this is the case for your event click 'Upgrade' and you will see what features you will receive by upgrading to certain plans. If you have any questions about this, please contact the event organiser. 


If my company profile gets viewed/interested before the team is created by a representative logging in, will this be found in inbound leads when the representative does log in and generate the team?

  • Views will not be visible 
  • Interests will be visible 
  • Meetings will be visible 
  • Badge Scans will be visible