Registration Integrations - API PULL

This article explains the steps, and Grip process for Grip PULLING data into Grip from a Registration Integration Partner

The following parties are involved within an integration where Grip is PULLING data from the Registration Integration Partner
Event Client: The Event Client is the organizer of the event and "Data Owner", the integration is transferring data from the Integration Partner to the Grip Matchmaking Solution who are both Data Processors.
Registration Integration Partner:  The company that holds the event data that need to be available within the Grip platform. This can, for example, be visitor data, exhibitor data or sessions that need to be displayed on the Event Program in the Grip Matchmaking Solution. 
Grip Event Project Manager:  The person responsible for the successful delivery of the Grip Matchmaking Solution for the Event Client.  
Grip Integration Engineer:  The internal engineer that will provide technical support to the Integration Partner and Grip Event Project Manager for any issues during the Integration.

The following steps are involved and should be taken one by one to achieve a successful, well-running integration between the Registration Integration Partner and the Grip Matchmaking Solution.
  1. Event Client shares 10 examples of the Registration Data or an overview of all the registration questions that are being asked with the Grip Event Project Manager 
  2. Event Client request an API Access Token from the Registration Integration Partner.
  3. Event Client shares the API Access Token with the Grip Event Project Manager.
  4. Grip Event Project Manager makes a mapping of the Registration API to the Grip Matchmaking Solution and shares it internally with the Grip Integration Engineer.
  5. Grip Integration Engineer writes a script and imports 10 records as Sample Data from the Registration Integration Partner.
  6. Event Client and Grip Event Project Manager review the 10 records and confirm the sample data has been correctly imported to the Grip Integration Engineer.
  7. Grip Integration Engineer imports all the data of the Event Client into the Grip Matchmaking Solution.