Similar Profile Recommendations

When viewing a participant, company or item profile, you will see a 'Similar Profile Recommendations' box on the right hand side of this page, shown in the image below. This delivers suggestions of participants, companies, or items similar to the profile you're viewing at the time. This gives you an even more personalized experience through the platform and of course, increases the opportunity for finding those perfect business opportunities.


How we recommend similar profiles

Here are the things we take into account when recommending similar profiles:

  • Custom profile values

  • Interactions
  • Job titles (participants only)

  • The language in which a participant is accessing the platform (Participants only)


What is the difference between similar profiles and recommendations?

Quite simply, recommendations are based on your interactions within the event platform (your preferences), Custom Profile Field profile values (completed when onboarding), and your behaviour within the platform) whereas similar profiles are recommended based on the profile that you are looking at and will not change with your own platform interactions.


Similar profile recommendations are currently not supported on mobile.