MustMeet Phases

The MustMeet platform consists of 3 phases and 5 stages. 


These phases are:


Initial Phase

Event platform accessible via Web only

Stage 1Users can only edit their own profile. Preference selection and recommendations are unavailable. 

In this stage, users can only update their profile and go through the on-boarding/profile fields. In this stage users will have access to the following items: 

  • Profile section
  • Event Agenda: Add event agenda session the schedule 
  • My schedule: View the schedule
  • Navigation items: See and search profile list, links etc
  • Homepage (taking into account the permissions)

Please note, for the Navigation and Homepage Items users can only view the list of attendees. Users will not be able to take any actions such as "Must meet", "Meet" and "No thanks".


Stage 2: Preference selection and recommendations are available.

In this stage, users are able to set preferences: "Must meet", "Meet", "No thanks" on their recommendations, profile lists in the navigation bar, and homepage section. 

Note: Attendees can still continue to update their profile, view the various navigation items, event agenda and add sessions to the schedule.


Closed phase

Event platform accessible via Web only

Stage 3: Meetings are currently being scheduled.

Once users update their profiles and set preferences, we move to the closed phase; schedule meetings. At this stage each preference set by a user is converted into a score. Grip pushes these collective scores across to the H2H system to generate meetings between Buyers and Suppliers.


Stage 4: Meetings have been generated provisionally.

When meetings are generated we call the generated meetings: “Provisional meetings”.

In this phase, provisional meeting schedules from H2H are pushed back to the Grip platform. At this stage Buyers and Suppliers are able to view their provisional meetings and inform the event organiser if they would like to make any changes, un-book a meeting, or swap a meeting. At this stage, organisers can make these changes to meeting schedules in the H2H system and each time push them back to Grip.


Stage 5: Meetings have been scheduled and finalised.

In this phase, meetings are finalised and pushed from H2H to the Grip platform. We move to this stage once Buyers and Suppliers confirm their provisional meetings, and the organiser is happy to proceed to the next phase. In this closed phase, users will not be able to Chat, Connect, or book meetings in any HB time slots.


Live Networking Phase

Event platform accessible via Web and Mobile App 

In this phase, users have the ability to view their finalised meetings and schedule additional free flow meetings. Users will be able to chat, connect, and book meetings in any HB time slots.

Note: Users will not be able to re-schedule any "Pre-scheduled" meetings. They need to contact the organiser to do this for them on the Grip dashboard.