User Access Roles in the Grip Dashboard

In this article, we will explain how to add and edit different access levels in the dashboard. You will find out more about:

Admin Access Roles

  • Super Admin - only for Grip use
  • Implementation Partner Admin - exclusive to Grip Partners - full dashboard and API access for all features and functionality + The ability to use the “Test User” toggle, Meetings Settings, and App Config & Special Actions [entire section]. 
  • App Admin -  full access to the Dashboard read-only access to their own API Access Token. Full access to the API endpoints.
  • Matchmaking Client - access to Insights and event data in the dashboard
  • Event Expert - expert Access (including type settings) to the dashboard for a single event.
  • Event Expert+ - expert+ Access (including type settings) to the dashboard for a single event.
  • Event Owner - read access to the dashboard. Access to GET API endpoints
  • Registration Provider - access to profile dashboard section only read-only access to their own API Access Token. Access to data management API endpoints only (GET POST PATCH DELETE).

How do I add a dashboard admin?

  1. Head to the 'Admin Access' section
  2. Click 'Add User' 
  3. Begin by entering an email of the user you would like to share dashboard access with
  4. Selecting the access level 
  5. Selecting an event that you would like for that user to have access to


Changing the access of a user is also done from the "Admin Access" page by using the "Edit Access" buttons on the right-hand side. 


Adding Multi Factor Authentication

As Grip is focused on dashboard security, we have implemented multi factor authentication, allowing you to choose whether an admin user should be required to have additional authentication options. 

If this option is turned on then whenever a user logs in, they will receive an email with a code in that they must input in order to gain access to the platform. 

Only App Admins and above can turn this feature on or off for dashboard access but it can be applied to any dashboard admin type. 


Using Multi Factor Authentication

Once you have turned on Multi Factor Authentication for a dashboard admin, they will need to input a code that is emailed to them every time they login to the dashboard. They will receive a new code each time they login, they cannot reuse an old code. 

After they have logged in they will see this page: 



Once the admin sees this screen, they need to check their email and they will see an email like the following: 



The admin simply needs to copy and paste the code into the page and click submit to gain access to the dashboard.