Visit Connect embedded in Grip

If you are using Visit by GES for registration, you will need to use Visit Connect for Badge Scanning. Visit Connect is a tool that allows Exhibitors to connect via badge scanning, capture lead notes, and share across team level.

We have worked with Visit to enable event participants to seamlessly utilize Visit Connect from within the Grip mobile application.

What is required to set up?

Data in Visit 

Grip requirements

Create CPF

Create Personalized URL

Importing VISIT Connect URL


Data in Visit 

We assume that all Exhibitors will be using Visit Connect, with this in mind, all Exhibitor and Exhibitor Representative data must exist within Visit. The method which the data is added to Visit, is by choice of the organizer (ie. manual upload, push via API, import). Please reach out to your Visit contact with any questions.

Grip requirements

Before setting up the integration, there are some pre-requisite requirements.

Create CPF

All participants using Visit Connect, will have a unique link associated with the profile. (This will be in the Visit, more below). This link must be in the profile in Grip and associated with a particular CPF.

We recommend setting the field up as a single-event field in this scenario. 

You will create a CPF with the following settings :

  • Profile field not visible 
  • Profile field not editable
  • Profile field not filterable 
  • Profile field can be used as personalized URL

The input type should be “free-form only”. Additionally, provide a name for the field and confirm the types used. 

You do not need to add any explainer text. This CPF will not be visible for event participants to see or edit.

This is also a good time to set up the rest of the CPF’s for the event. 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 12.08.04

Create Personalized URL

Event participants using Visit Connect will access it via a Navigation item in the app. The Navigation item will be a URL.

As Visit Connect is an individual access per person and sits behind a login, we require a unique link per participant. To achieve this, a Personalized URL is required instead of a standard URL in the Navigation Item. 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 12.08.12

Once the basic configuration of the Navigation is complete, you will need to enter which field is being used as the Personalized URL. 

The field will be the CPF that was set up in the earlier steps. If the configuration was correct, you should be able to see the field available as an option to be used 

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 12.08.19

You can then finalize the Navigation item steps such as selecting the icon, and which types will be using this Navigation item. 

Once the above steps are complete, you are ready to move onto importing the data. 

Importing VISIT Connect URL

The CPF created for the personalized link should be mapped in the “Map Data '' section for NI, and follows the process for mapping all other CPFs.

The CPF created as Visit Connect Scanning should be mapped to the source data field visitor.visitor-connect-url._text. Ensure that the url ends in “?embedded=true“ if it does not this can be added through the integration. After the url is mapped to the CPF type in “?embedded=true“ , ensuring not to add spaces to the URL.

Once this is mapped, complete the rest of the integration configuration as normal.