Vonage Roundtables

Grip has introduced an additional roundtable provider, in addition to the standard Whereby roundtables. You can now create roundtable sessions using Vonage as the meeting room provider. Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in utilizing this Vonage roundtables feature, as it is an add-on option.


This article will provide a guide on how to create Vonage roundtable sessions and explain the user experience associated with it.

  • Creating a Vonage Roundtable Session 
  • Vonage Roundtable Features and User Experience

    • Session Details Page
    • Vonage Roundtable Meeting Room
    • Moderation within Vonage Roundtables
    • Screensharing in a Vonage Roundtable
    • Vonage Roundtable - Mobile Browser
  • FAQ - Vonage Roundtable


Creating a Vonage Roundtable Session

  1. Contact the Grip Team to enable this feature in your application.

  2. Access the Grip Dashboard, and expand the Event Settings menu. Then, select Event Program.

  3. On the Event Program screen, click on "Create Roundtable Session."

  4. Fill in the Roundtable Session Details in the Pop-Up Window.

    • Please note that the maximum limit of attendees for Roundtable sessions is 100. However, no more than 25 individuals can have their video and audio enabled simultaneously. This total includes speakers, who can always enable their video and audio. Therefore, the maximum number of participants who can actively engage in the session is 25 minus the number of speakers present.

    • The session duration cannot exceed 60 minutes. If a session is already in progress and the time limit is reached, participants will receive an additional 30 minutes. After the session ends, new participants won't be able to join.

  5. Save and complete the process by clicking on "Create Session" to successfully set up a Vonage Roundtable.


Vonage Roundtable Features and User Experience

Session Details Page

  • Participants must add the session to their schedule to join and attend the roundtable, as there is a maximum limit of 100 attendees.

  • Session participants can access the roundtable precisely when the session commences.

  • Session speakers have the flexibility to access the roundtable at any time prior to the session's scheduled start time.


Vonage Roundtable Meeting Room

  • All participants will have access to screen sharing and device selection features.

  • Upon joining, all users will have their video and audio disabled.

  • Speakers have the privilege to enable their video and audio at any time.

  • A maximum of 25 users, including speakers, can have their video and audio enabled simultaneously.

  • In exceptional cases, there may be more users actively streaming in the session. This can occur when multiple individuals activate their audio/video concurrently, surpassing the 25-user limit.

  • User videos are presented in a grid layout, with up to 9 videos visible on a single page. Additional videos will appear on a separate page when more than 9 people participate in a session.


Moderation in Vonage Roundtables

All session speakers are granted automatic access to the moderation functionality, which includes the ability to:

  • Mute Microphones
  • Remove attendees from the meeting
  • End the session on demand

These control options will appear when hovering over an attendee's video tile or on the toolbar.

Moderators will also have visibility into the total count of session attendees, encompassing both speakers and participants, as well as the number of active attendees who are currently publishing video or audio.


Screensharing in a Vonage Roundtable

Screen sharing in Vonage Roundtables is limited to one attendee at a time. When a participant begins sharing their screen, the layout of the page will automatically adjust to accommodate the screen share, with up to 8 video tiles displayed on the side of the screen-sharing content.



Vonage Roundtable - Mobile Browser

All the Vonage Roundtable functionalities are fully supported on mobile browsers. However, please note that Vonage roundtables are not currently available on any mobile apps. Additionally, enhanced chat, Q&A polling access will be introduced on mobile browsers at a later date.





Q: Is Interprefy supported on Vonage Roundtables?

A: Yes, Interprefy is supported on all sessions in Grip, whether they are live or pre-recorded. Your project manager can assist in setting up Interprefy for any Vonage Roundtable Sessions that require real-time translation. This setup is done during the configuration of your Roundtable Session. Attendees can join the session on Grip and select their preferred language for audio translation.