What are Groups in the MustMeet platform

What are Groups?


Groups are much more flexible and have the following characteristics within the Grip platform: 

  1. Groups exclusively live within a single event. This is a very big difference with Data Types and they should therefore only be used to structure data within a particular event.
  2. Profiles can be part of multiple Groups within a single event. Wow! That's a huge difference! As you'll read below in the different use cases.
  3. The following Properties can be assigned to a Group
    1. Permissions on Recommendations and which Profiles can be viewed.
    2. Session Limits (How many people from a particular Group can join a session.)
    3. Coming soon:
      1. Notifications, Extensions and More.
    4. Groups are also fundamental to the Grip MustMeet experience - contact sales@grip.events or your Customer Success Manager to learn more about our new AI-Powered MustMeet Solution.

Use Cases

Groups are currently mainly used to set permissions for MustMeet events. However, we're excited about seeing organisers using them in different ways to provide fun new experiences in the platform. For example, Groups would be perfect to provide a list of Exhibitors that are exhibiting for the first time. Or to show a list of exhibitors that are part of the 'innovation tour' for example.