What is the Pending Meeting Request Limit?

When you go to book a meeting at your Grip event, you might notice that the event organiser has set a pending limit. In this article, we'll cover what this limit means for you as an event attendee.

What is the purpose of having a pending meeting request limit?

For the best user experience, we recommend limiting the number of meeting requests users can send at the time. The reason for this is to avoid meeting notifications being perceived as SPAM during the event. Also, it allows everyone the same chances of sending meetings with this limitation. 

Best Practices: 

This pending meeting limitation is best to set up at 'badge level' (Datatypes), for example, if you have a premium tier of exhibitor reps, you might want to give them a higher number of pending requests than other exhibitor reps. 

Important tip: When the event is live, the limitation can only be modified to a higher number than the original setting. 

Where would I see my pending meeting limit?

You can find the number of pending meeting requests you have remaining at the bottom of the 'Request a meeting' modal. As you can see on the screenshot below, this user has 12 meeting requests left until they reach their pending meeting limit. 


If you hover over the number of meeting requests left, you can find a short explanation of how the meeting request limit works, and how many meeting requests you're allowed to have pending at this event. In the screenshot below you can see that this user can have up to 20 pending meeting requests at this event.


What does the pending meeting limit mean for me?

The pending meeting limit is as simple as it sounds; it's only a limit on the number of meeting requests that you can have 'pending' at any one time. 

A meeting request is only considered as 'pending' if it has not yet been accepted or declined.

This means that if someone accepts or declines one of your requests (or you decide to cancel the request) it is no longer considered as 'pending', and you will now be able to make another meeting request. 

If there is a pending meeting limit of 'X', can I only have 'X' number of meetings at the event?

No! You could still have as many meetings as you want on Grip - no matter what the pending meeting limit is. The limit is only on the number of meeting requests that can be left pending at any one time.