Whereby Meeting Rooms

Vonage Meeting Rooms

What is Vonage? 

  • Vonage is a cloud based video conferencing solution that is fully integrated with Grip.
  • Grip’s virtual meeting room can be powered by Vonage. This is highly recommended if you have attendees in ASIA or AEU regions.  
  • For further information on this, please contact your Grip Account Manager


How does it work?

Once enabled for your event, Vonage can be used on the following configurations: 

  • Virtual meeting rooms - for 1-1 meetings and multiuser meetings (up to 50 participants)
  • Wave meetings
  • MustMeet meetings

The reason why some organisers would consider this feature compared to using Whereby, where it powers most of Grip’s events, is because:

*not being able to share call links offers higher level of security

The user’s journey with Vonage:

The process of booking a meeting powered by Vonage is the same as those powered by Whereby. 

1. Request a meeting and if confirmed by the other party, you’ll see a grey button ‘Open Virtual Meeting Room’:

2. You can enter a meeting room up to 5 minutes before a meeting starts, when the ‘Open Virtual Meeting Room’ button is no longer grey.

3. Browser permissions to use the camera and microphone

At the first launch of the virtual meeting room, your browser will ask you to allow Grip Networking Platform access to your microphone and camera. If by mistake you chose the block option and your camera or microphone doesn't work, you can always click on the camera icon displayed in the browser access bar and change your permissions

You can always change your camera & microphone permissions directly in your browser settings. You will find detailed instructions specific to your browser in a respective article below:


View from inside the meeting room:


1-1 view 

Multi-user view (of up to 50 people)

Network Requirements

We recommend a minimum dedicated 350kb/s down per downloaded stream, as well as 350kb/s upper uploaded stream to maintain a stable video connection.

* Use this link to test your internet speed

** One megabit (Mbps) is equal to 1,024 kilobits (Kbps).

For restricted networks, see requirements here.