Why Grip requires ExhibitorIDs to link Companies & Representatives

The vast majority of clients want Grip to link Companies to Representatives as is shown in the below mockup. This article explains what is required from a data point of view to achieve this.

Bill Gates and Satya Nadella are both representatives of Microsoft. On the left bottom, we can see both users as representatives, on the right we can see the ability for me (Tim Groot) to request a meeting with one of the companies representatives, Bill Gates in this case.

 Data Requirements for Exhibitor / Representative Linking

In order to achieve what is shown on the above screenshot for every exhibitor and representative record imported into Grip, a so-called ExhibitorID needs to be present. 

This ExhibitorID is what will enable Grip to link the Exhibiting Company with the Exhibiting Representatives. This NEEDS to be done from the imported data at the current moment in time and is NOT something that can be done manually inside Grip after data is imported.

The ExhibitorID is present on both the company record as well as the representative record. They could be sitting in the same or different systems which doesn't matter from a Grip perspective as long as they both have the ExhibitorID "ASDF1234