Generating Meeting Scores in MustMeet events

Meeting scores allow MustMeet to create meetings for everyone

In this article, we'll explain how you can generate meeting scores in your Grip MustMeet event, and how you can use these to generate meetings. You'll need to be an App Admin in Grip in order to take these steps.

Initial Steps

Score Weighting

Meeting Cutoff / Met Before date

Final Steps

Initial Steps

  1. Go to Event Settings
  2. Click on "MustMeet"
  3. Click on the "Scoring Matrix" tab
  4. Select the "Preference Matrix Type"
    1. If your event is a classic Hosted Buyer event, select "Buyer Vs Supplier"
    2. If the event is Any2any HB select "Any to Any"

The matrix type should match the configuration that you set for your Custom Groups.

Score weighting

For Buyer <> Supplier events

Buyer <> Supplier events have a natural score weighting, where the Buyer groups' preferences are scored slightly higher than Suppliers. This matches the typical arrangement in this type of event, where the Buyer's opinions and satisfaction are usually more important to the Event Organizer. See our article explaining MustMeet scoring for some examples of this slight difference in score calculation between the two sides.

In Grip, you'll need to chose which of your groups are given this extra weighting - and note that this doesn't necessarily need to be your Buyers group.

  • Where it says 'Buyer Custom Group' add the Custom Group that should have a stronger influence over the meetings (i.e. you would like the meetings to be weighted in their favour).
  • Where it says 'Supplier Custom Group' add the Custom Group who should have a weaker influence over the meetings.
  • If you've set up company preferences, remember that you do not need to add your company group(s) here.

For Any2Any events

There is no difference in weighting in Any2Any events, so simply select all of the Custom Groups that should be involved in the scoring process.


Past Meetings Cutoff (Met Before feature)

MustMeet has a built-in function to flag participants that have had meetings in previous events. This is a really handy feature that prevents repetitive meetings in communities that attend yearly events within the same industry. For more information, we have an article dedicated to this feature.

Once you enter the Custom Groups in to the Preference Matrix type, you should set a date for the “Past Meetings Cutoff”. This date controls when Grip starts to consider meetings for the Met Before flag. This is only used once you've imported meetings into the event at least once, and you need to regenerate the scores to create a new schedule.

If you've not previously pushed meetings to this event yet and this is your first time generating meeting scores, you can set the Past Meetings Cutoff to the current date and time. You can then move to the next step.

If you have, for the current event, already generated scores, imported meetings, and now need to regenerate those scores, you'll need to set the date to a moment before you first imported meetings.
If you don't do this, Grip will mistake all the meetings that you've already imported for meetings in previous events, and will mark all of the people involved in meetings as having met before!

If you've imported scores in to MustMeet and noticed a very high number of 0 scores then this is likely to be the cause.
You can undo this quite easily, by re-generating the scores and choosing a date before the first meeting import for the current event.

Final Steps

5. Click on "Generate Meeting Scores". This will begin the process, which might take a while for large events.

6. After a short time, you can click on "Check Meeting Score Status" to see if the scores are generated. You can keep doing this every few minutes until you see that "Meeting scores are available!".

7. If you'd like to retain a copy of the scores for your records, click on "Export CSV file" and download the generated file. This is optional.

HB Classic


Any2Any and Restricted Any2Any


MustMeet Dashboard

  1.  Login to H2H
    1. Speak to your Grip contact if you've not been given access to MustMeet yet.
  2. Select the application and the event.
  3. Click on "Import Data"
    1. If you have already imported data into MustMeet for this event previously, click on "Reload Data"

Once complete, you'll be taken back to the Meeting Schedule page automatically, and you're good to go!