How to create a Teams and invite Team Members?

n this article, we'll explain how you can create your account as an Exhibitor Administrator and invite Team Members into the Grip Matchmaking Solution. 

1. Claim your Badge / Registration ID

Go to the event link (given by the organiser) and enter the email address related to your account.

2. Fill in your Badge ID/Registration ID to claim your account.

3. Create your account by creating your password

4. Once logged in, Go to "Teams" on the top right

5. Press "Get Started with Teams" and create your team

6. Invite your representatives (the organiser has set a limit on how many people you can invite depending on your exhibitor type).

7. Once invited, Team Members will receive an email to join your team. If they have not received it, you can always copy the Personal Invite Link from the Team Members page and share it directly with them.

8. Invite additional team members from the Team Members page